Bing Maps Truck Routing

Designed for professional transportation routing logistics Truck Routing API When routing commercial vehicles, there are special requirements that need to be considered, outside of plotting a path from one location to another. Considerations such as vehicles that exceed the standard size, speed limits, legal requirements for the transportation of goods (such as transporting hazardous materials), […]

Bing Maps Fleet Management

A full set of APIs for your fleet, asset and logistics applications Advanced business solutions that go beyond standard mapping services From personalized experiences to advanced scenarios in the logistics sector, Bing Maps has you covered. Check out the geospatial API services and solutions for the logistics sector, for fleet management, routing, vehicle tracking and […]

Fear is the Mindkiller

In this Brave New World, fear is in the loss. In the change. In the becoming something more than we are. It occurs to me that in the evolution of our species (which is truly what is happening), we fear losing ourselves. Even as we have generational evolution and even perhaps in some sense, a […]