A Quick Note to America and Americans

Regardless of who won or lost the Presidential election or who you voted for, this is not a time to gloat or cry. This is a time to work on progressing those issues that are key to you and the country. As is every other day. Diligence not deference.

Many have been happy with what has been as was obvious many were not. This is America not ‘Murica. We are Americans and we progress and grow and move forward. Heads up, chins held high and we work to do what we must to keep this country great. It’s not perfect, this is no utopia, nor Plato’s Republic. This is America.

Don’t like it? You don’t have to, make change make your voice heard in large and small ways. Every single day. Egoism and pain and hiding and backbiting and friends no longer friends for ideals we still thankfully have rights to express and progress should not be who we have become. Move on move forward move into a future you can still make yours, America!

Make it so. Make it strong. Make it your future and the future for generations to come. Move past the emotions and demagoguery to a dialogue of progress and growth.
And never forget, “stupidity knows no bounds…”

About the author: Adam Williams

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