Emergency Repairs for Smith House by Thea Maia – GoFundMe

Source: Emergency repairs for Smith House by Thea Maia – GoFundMe

On November 19, Terry and Aidan Smith and a dear family friend were hit head on by a driver who hit and run.

Though Aidan was able to come home from the hospital after 2 days, Terry’s injuries were so extensive that he has not yet been healed enough to come home. He is still facing more procedures. He broke his leg and had to have most of his ribs reconstructed on his right side. He has lost muscle in his chest and arm. He is in the midst of a very long and grueling recovery.

Now, the Smith family is facing the fact that in order to have Terry return home, they must make their house wheel chair accessible.

This fund is to help the Smith Family with supplies and construction of new doors, bathrooms, handrails and ramps.

The fact that Terry can’t work for foreseeable future makes the family unable to afford these essential expenditures.

The amount of this GoFundMe is for new front and back doors, bathroom reconstruction to make them wheelchair accessible, and a huge path and multiple ramps to get Terry’s wheelchair in and out of the back of the house.

The best estimate for the reconstruction needs at this time is at least: $8,000.

The funds are needed as soon as possible this month so that construction will be completed in time for Terry to come home at last from the hospital and care facilities.

Anyone who has construction skills and can volunteer their time to help with this rebuild please contact us.

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