Business Development

Establishing net new business through active communication and product knowledge. Building an every growing book of business as an active "hunter" minded professional.


Account Management

Fostering and growing long-term relationships with a key focus on win-win scenarios. Increasing and driving growth through solution sales and keen understanding of customer needs.


Operations Management

Managing and developing processes to increase efficiencies and output. Developing optimal utilization of time, playing to strengths and mitigating weaknesses to achieve maximum success.


Authenticity. Honesty. Bring a straight-forward, direct, ethically minded focus to my career and my life in general. Presenting from a place of honesty and trust is the foundation of developing a strong relationship, allowing all stakeholders to understand each one's specific needs and goals for a mutual "win-win".

Creativity and Forethought

Come at every opportunity with an open mind and using the foundation of integrity with product knowledge to face every problem with an effective solution. Looking at effective, new, or unique means to achieve success in all you do!

Perseverance... its in the process

With the focus on a mutual "win-win" to achieve a solution to any problem, perseverance is key! Not just focused on trying to push every rock up a hill, but through developing and using strong processes and creativity to gain success. Or knowing when it may not be achieved as well. Gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

Next Steps...

Reach out to me to learn how I can assist you in my current endeavor or as a valued member of your team!